Stay & Spend Scheme

The ‘Stay and Spend’ scheme allows for individuals to receive up to €125 back on their bills in hotels, restaurants, pubs and in other hospitality businesses, in Ireland. For a couple, this is doubled to a maximum of €250. The bill must be incurred between 1 October 2020 and 30 April 2021 and certain terms and conditions must be satisfied.

This new ‘Stay and Spend’ Scheme was introduced by government as part of the July Jobs Stimulus package and is aimed at stimulating sales in the hospitality sector during the off-peak season.

For hospitality businesses to participate in the scheme they must register as a ‘Qualifying Service Provider’ (QSP) with Revenue before 1 October 2020, registration for the scheme is now open.

What relief is available?
The relief is in the form of a tax credit of 20% on the amount of qualifying expenditure. This will, for most, result in a 20% tax refund of the costs incurred.

The relief is subject to a cap on the costs incurred; €625 for a single individual, which results in a maximum tax credit of €125. For a jointly assessed couple, the cap on costs is €1,250 which equates to a maximum tax credit of €250.

There is a minimum spend of €25 on a single transaction with a QSP.

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