Mediation Services


We believe that Mediation is the most efficient way to solve a dispute and we provide mediation services to facilitate the resolution of any disputes that are amenable to Mediation.

Our Shane Browne is an accredited mediator and is a member of the MFI (Mediation Forum Ireland) – Panel of ADR specialists and Mediators. Shane is a strong advocate of Mediation, which is both an interest-based and cost efficient Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Key benefits of the Mediation Process:

Saves time & money.
Interest based approach.
Puts you in control.
“Without Prejudice”.

To take a closer look;

Mediation costs less and saves time.
A court case can take months, even years and the costs can become considerable. The litigation process is also unpredictable and court decisions can be appealed. Mediation can produce rapid results.

An interest-based approach.
Mediation is based on more than just “facts of the case” and often looks at issues that are not open to legal determination. It addresses the interests of all parties and aims to preserve relationships.

You control the process
Mediation is less formal than going through the courts. It is a voluntary process based on negotiation and mutual agreement. Parties who negotiate their own settlements have much more control over the outcome.

Without Prejudice
Mediation takes place on a totally “without prejudice” basis. This means that any discussions or notes used during Mediation are privileged and not admissible as evidence and cannot be referred to during any ongoing or subsequent litigation.

Mediation’s privacy and confidentiality allows the parties to negotiate more freely and productively.

Any settlement terms reached can be signed and recorded in an enforceable Contract.